Wellness Policy of East Baton Rouge Parish

Partnering with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, the Louisiana School Board Association and the Evelyn J. Daniel Foundation, Health Centers in Schools is helping to implement the new Wellness Policy in several parish elementary schools. During the 2010-11 school year, LaBelle Aire Elementary School implemented a new physical fitness and nutrition program for their students, providing incentives to exercise, and this was quite successful with one student winning a Wii Fit System and others winning iPods.

After a workshop in January 2012, teachers at two additional elementary schools, Dufrocq and Westminster, joined with LaBelle Aire to implement a wellness program across all subject areas, including language arts, arithmetic, science, and social studies, in addition to physical education and new school lunch guidelines. Teachers learned ways to make the new program fun and interesting for students, through interactive and learning by doing.

These three schools will have data on results of their classes at the end of the spring semester. The teachers who have already implemented the policy will in turn train teachers at other schools in the EBR system to teach the program for the next school year. While the EBR Wellness Policy is being implemented, the National School Lunch Program guidelines have also changed dramatically to require more fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains to be included in school lunches. Better school lunches will also provide better examples of healthy food choices.

Click here for new school lunch guidelines.

Meet Harry the Hare on this poster . Harry reminds students to eat 5 fruits and vegetables each day to stay healthy.