Everyone remembers having to go to the school’s nurse to get checked out when you didn’t feel well or had a fever while at school. Yes, there are still school nurses in public schools, and Health Centers in Schools manages the school nurse program for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System, charter schools and state-run (Recovery District) schools. HCS has 10 nurses who stay in one school all day long, usually due to the number of chronic diseases, such as brittle diabetics or special needs children. The other 40 nurses rotate to nearly 70 other schools, usually going to at least two schools per day, sometimes covering four or five schools per week.

Students at schools that have one of the 11 HCS school-based health centers can see a nurse or nurse practitioner if needed. A medical assistant checks students into the health clinic, and a social worker listens to and helps students with school or other everyday issues they encounter.

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