About Health Centers in Schools

We provide free healthcare where your kids are - in school.
Health Centers in Schools makes sure kids feel well so they can learn well. As a nonprofit, we provide free health services in collaboration with East Baton Rouge public schools. Our primary care doctors, nurses and counselors are on the spot with immunizations, screenings, mental health services and emergency care children need. Under performing kids get special attention, as so kids with special needs.

In East Baton Rouge Parish public schools, Health Centers in Schools provides on-site medical and mental health services with health centers on 7 school campuses (click here to view a list of the 7 campuses). The HCS health center is like a pediatrician’s office, where medical doctors and nurse practitioners provide more extensive medical care. Social workers at the centers also provide behavior counseling and other mental health services. HCS also manages the traditional school nurse program at schools without health centers.

Most private schools do not have capability for medical care due to high costs. So, many of these children attend public schools where law requires that the school systems care for them. In fall 2014, 8918 children in EBR public schools had a chronic disease or required special health services, including:

  • 125 diabetics
  • 4253 asthmatics
  • 174 Sickle Cell patients
  • 465 with seizure disorders
  • 3573 with ADD/ADHD
  • 328 requiring EpiPens (treats severe whole-body allergic reactions)

    HCS brings specialists to schools—psychiatrists, as well as vision and dental providers. Begun in 1987, HCS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that provides health care to approximately 45,000 children in all East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools and the EBR Recovery School District schools. Two health centers (at Broadmoor High and Glen Oaks High) now provide year-round care for adolescents ages 11-22.

    With parents’ consent, HCS helps ALL children, regardless of income get the preventive and emergency health care they need to be able to stay in school. When primary needs are cared for, a child can concentrate on completing his or her education to be better prepared for the job market and to be a better contributor to society. The future of Baton Rouge is our children, and access to health care where children are is a primary need that allows our community to improve and grow in many other areas.

  • Health Centers in Schools is a wholly owned subsidiary of Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital.